16. June 2021

Time to a Digital Response: We kick off the COVID-19 Digital Response project digitally

The Covid-19 pandemic severely affected the normal operations of the educational organizations and the teaching and learning efforts of teachers, pupils and their parents, students, and participants of life-long learning. As a result, the educational ecosystem was forced to adapt by implementing organizational and technology means.

In this way, the educational ecosystem must manage long-term disruptions and provide continuity in various scenarios: lockdowns; some of the students are in class, some are in quarantine; no teachers available; a lot of learners must asynchronously catch up with missed classes, among others.

That is why ACEEU and the COVID-19 Digital Response project partners are pleased to announce the Digital Response project's official start. The project is part of the Erasmus + strategic partnership KA226 - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness. The project focuses on capacity building for online, blended, and distance learning and teaching using innovative technologies and methodologies throughout the educational lifecycle.

The meeting was facilitated by SBC School of business competences Ltd (Bulgaria) and was attended by all project partners: Liceul Tehnologic Szekely Karoly (Romania), Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (Spain), die Berater Unternehmensberatungs Gesellschaft MBH (Austria), Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology Ltd-Cardet (Cyprus) and Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (Germany).

Thus, the kick-off meeting was also an excellent opportunity to meet the whole consortium and discuss project activities, intellectual outputs, quality management, dissemination, and exploitation. In addition, the meeting was the ideal opportunity to present the official logo, created by SBC, to accompany the project and enhance its visual identity and online presence.

As ACEEU will be responsible for the Quality Assurance and monitoring of all created Intellectual Outputs, following the Kick-off meeting, ACEEU will start the Quality Assurance Plan that will be finalized in the following weeks. ACEEU will also host Train- the- trainer event towards the end of the project, which aims to train two trainers of each project partner on how to use the created tools and how to spread them further.

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