About us

The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial & Engaged Universities (ACEEU) is a newly formed council dedicated to recognizing and promoting entrepreneurial and engaged universities. Initiated by the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), ACEEU is driven by an international group of experts in engagement and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision, Mission and Values
ACEEU aims to recognise and promote continuous improvement and excellence, and to ultimately benefit society and the economy.
Central bodies within ACEEU include its council and administrative office, with ACEEU's members and advisory board being the most important external bodies.
Accreditation Office
ACEEU's administration office is the first point of contact for interested organisations, applicants and members as well as for members of the accreditation council and advisory board.
Accreditation Council
The accreditation council is the highest decision-making body of ACEEU and oversees both (re-)accreditation as well as the further development of the process, its standards and guidelines.
Advisory Board
The ACEEU Advisory Board consults the council with respect to the further development of the accreditation process as well as its standards and guidelines.