Our belief, vision, mission and values

ACEEU and its external stakeholders are driven by the belief that universities can play a greater role in today's knowledge economy. This belief drives both strategies and day-to-day activities alike.

We believe that universities can and should create greater social, economic and cultural impacts.

The way we envision universities creating these impacts is by them becoming more entrepreneurial and engaged.

ACEEU’s mission is to promote cultural change, to accelerate institutional development and to amplify the recognition of excellence through the provision of world-class accreditation services.

The following core values form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves:

  • Integrity
    We are honest, transparent and fair.
  • Collaboration
    We work with others to create mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Respect
    We acknowledge the diversity of university missions and cultures.
  • Excellence
    Through customer orientation and continuous innovation, we create extraordinary results.
  • Accountability
    We are committed to meeting the highest professional standards.