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New languages added to ACEEU Toolkit

19. April 2019

Following feedback gathered at workshops that have been implemented around the world over the past months, the ACEEU team has engaged with its partner institutions to translate the Entrepreneurial University Canvas and the Entrepreneurial University Cards into various languages. The Entrepreneurial University Canvas is now available in English, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian. The Entrepreneurial University Cards are available in English and Spanish. Many thanks to EAN University [...]

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06. March 2019

The First European Engaged University - Chalmers University of Technology is awarded ACEEU Accreditation
The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) has awarded Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, with Engaged Uni [...]

23. February 2019

ACEEU chair congratulates 1900 students at the 2019 convocation of the first accredited entrepreneurial university in Asia, MSU
Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU, provided some words of acknowledgement to more than 1900 students at the 24th convocation of Management and [...]

15. February 2019

ACEEU Americas Seminar attended by more than 40 participants from 10+ countries
More than 40 participants from 10+ countries attended the ACEEU Americas Seminar on the 15th of February in Puebla, Mexico. At the seminar, Professor [...]

12. February 2019

ACEEU workshop in Sydney explored tools to develop more entrepreneurial and engaged universities
At ACEEU's Entrepreneurial and Engaged University Development workshop, hosted on the 12th of February in Sydney, Australia, 21 international higher e [...]

07. February 2019

ACEEU council member Brian Darmody appointed CEO of AURP
ACEEU is happy to share that its council member Brian Darmody has been elected as the CEO of Association of University Research Parks - AURP. Founded [...]

05. February 2019

ACEEU Chair visits EAN University for formal ceremony of the accreditation
Reaching milestones deserves celebration. On February 5, 2019 ACEEU Chair Professor Thorsten Kliewe visited EAN University to personally congratulate [...]

04. February 2019

MSU is the first university in Asia recognised as an Entrepreneurial University by ACEEU
ACEEU is delighted to pronounce Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia as the first Entrepreneurial University in Asia, having successfully [...]

17. January 2019

ACEEU shares insights into entrepreneurial and engaged university transformation in Doha, Qatar
More than 40 participants used the opportunity on January 17, 2019 to learn more about entrepreneurial and engaged university transformation. Next to [...]

17. December 2018

ACEEU seminars in Doha, Sydney, Puebla and Helsinki announced
In 2019, ACEEU will continue hosting seminars and workshops that aim to share insights into entrepreneurial and engaged university transformation, to [...]

03. December 2018

Successful Third University Mission Conference in partnership with ACEEU
The Third University Mission International Conference (, organised in partnership with ACEEU, has been hosted from Nov [...]

26. November 2018

ACEEU launches toolkit to develop the entrepreneurial profile of higher education institutions
ACEEU is happy to announce the launch of the Entrepreneurial University Toolkit. The Toolkit contains five instruments that help university representa [...]

24. October 2018

ACEEU trains Latin American higher education professionals
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU, contributed a module on "Entrepreneurial Universities" to the RIESAL online course (-->

23. October 2018

ACEEU partners with the Russian Rectors Conference on conference on the third mission of universities
ACEEU joins the Russian Rectors Conference and IREG as associate partner in hosting the "International Third Mission Conference", to be held from Nov [...]

11. September 2018

ACEEU awards EAN University its Entrepreneurial University accreditation
EAN University, Colombia, has been awarded Entrepreneurial University Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Unive [...]

01. July 2018

ACEEU council member Maciej Markowski elected as chair of ECA
ACEEU is happy to share that its council member Maciej Markowski has been elected as Chair of the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA). Founded [...]

21. June 2018

ACEEU validates newly developed toolkit in UIIN conference, London
In two workshops, hosted in London during the 2018 University Industry Interaction Conference, more than 30 participants were able to explore the firs [...]

30. May 2018

Former UKM Deputy Vice-Chancellor in Industry and Community Partnerships joins ACEEU as Council Member
ACEEU is very pleased to announce that Prof Dr. Saran Kaur Gill joins the Council as member. Prof Dr. Saran Kaur Gill is the first Malaysian Punjab [...]

24. May 2018

ACEEU contributes to the debate on rankings and accreditations
ACEEU was invited to contribute to the IREG-9 Conference on "Ranking and Accreditation - two roads to the same goal" held in Hasselt, Belgium on 22-25 [...]

14. May 2018

ACEEU finished European Commission JRC project on the evaluation of the technology transfer capacity and entrepreneurial profile of Romanian universities
ACEEU has provided an evaluation of six Romanian universities and highlighted next steps to advance their technology transfer performance and entrepre [...]

01. May 2018

Former Aalto University President joins ACEEU as Council Member
ACEEU is very pleased to announce that Dr. Tuula Teeri joins the Council as member. Dr. Tuula Teeri is the President of the Royal Swedish Academy [...]

22. February 2018

Director of University of Auckland Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship joins ACEEU as Council Member
ACEEU is very pleased to announce that Wendy Kerr joins the Council as member. Wendy Kerr is Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurs [...]

23. January 2018

ACEEU Chair Professor Kliewe highlights key aspects of entrepreneurial and engaged university development at Riga conference
On 23 January 2018, Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU shared insights into the key aspects that universities need to address in order to devel [...]

17. December 2017

ACEEU joins ENQA as affiliate member
With its aim to contribute to the quality enhancement of higher education institutions, ACEEU has joined the European Association for Quality Assuranc [...]

10. October 2017

ACEEU chosen by European Commission's Joint Research Centre to support Romanian universities in developing their technology transfer capacity and entrepreneurial profile
ACEEU chair Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe collaborates with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) to advance the third mission of universi [...]

01. August 2017

ACEEU accepted as Full Member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)
We are pleased to announce that ACEEU has been accepted as a Full Member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Educati [...]

09. June 2017

Accreditation Council Awards First Accreditations for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities
Dublin, Ireland June 9, 2017 – The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) awarded its first accreditations to Th [...]

09. June 2017

Professor Noel Linsay shares his experience with ACEEU accreditation
During the 2017 University-Industry Interaction Conference in Dublin, Professor Noel Linsay, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Entrepreneurship at The University of [...]

15. February 2017

Adelaide accreditation seminar review
On February 15, 2017 ACEEU's first accreditation seminar took place in Adelaide, Australia, with more than 30 participants from 10+ countries attendin [...]

09. February 2017

Call for 2017 applications published
As of today, higher education institutions around the world can apply for entering ACEEU accreditation in June 2017, following the pilot institutions [...]

02. February 2017

First issue of Insight, ACEEU's magazine, published
Today the first issue of INSIGHT, ACEEU’s periodical magazine, has been published. The magazine is targeting university leaders and managers as well [...]

10. January 2017

ACEEU seminars in Adelaide, Dublin, and Santiago announced
Given the high interest in ACEEU accreditation around the world, three seminars will be held within the next six months to inform interested instituti [...]

04. January 2017

Simon Fraser University and University of Porto join the pilot phase
Today, ACEEU Chair Thorsten Kliewe announced that Simon Fraser University (Canada) and the University of Porto (Portugal) will enter the ACEEU pilot p [...]

24. November 2016

ACEEU’s new social media presence
In order to further promote ACEEU, its activities, accredited institutions as well as the topic of entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education [...]

18. October 2016

First official version of ACEEU's accreditation documents published
The first version (v.1.0) of ACEEU’s central accreditation documents has been published today. The documents specify the accreditation process, the [...]

11. October 2016

12 institutions selected for ACEEU’s the pilot phase
Following a “Call for Pilot Institutions” and an extensive review process, ACEEU has published the selected 12 pilot institutions that will be the [...]

01. September 2016

Call for pilot institutions published
Interested in becoming one of the world’s first accredited Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities? Then register now your interest to beco [...]

24. August 2016

ACEEU website launched
Having laid out the foundational work for ACEEU’s accreditations, ACEEU today launched its website to provide interested institutions [...]