ACEEU Seminars

ACEEU offers free information seminars for interested stakeholders. During the seminar you will learn more about the accreditation process, meet the people behind the accreditation and share insights and learnings with your fellow participants. Please use the form below to register.

Next seminars
European Seminar
7 June 2017 in Dublin, Ireland
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Americas Seminar
31st July 2017, Santiago, Chile
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Seminar content

Each information seminar is offered as a half-day event and features:
  • introduction to the accreditation process,
  • interpretation of the accreditation standards,
  • learnings from the pilot accreditations, and
  • knowledge and experience sharing between participants.
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Please use the below form to register your interest. Your registration is important for the seminar planning and allows us to inform you about further details, such as the exact location, schedule etc.