Standards & guidelines

ACEEU's thorough accreditation process is based on standards that have been developed by world-leading experts in the field of entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education ecosystems.

The below list presents an overview of the 5 dimensions and 15 standards that form the basis of ACEEU's assessment.

Dimension 1: Orientation and strategy

  • Institutional Commitment
  • Shared Goals
  • Financial Planning

Dimension 2: People and organisational capacity

  • Leadership
  • Staff profile
  • Incentives and rewards

Dimension 3: Drivers and enablers

  • Culture
  • Internal Support Structures
  • Service Alignment

Dimension 4: Education, research and third stream activities

  • Education
  • Research
  • Third Mission Activities

Dimension 5: Innovation and impact

  • Continuous improvement
  • Influence within the Ecosystem
  • Impact

For more information, please refer to the ACEEU Standards and Guidelines that can be found in the ACEEU Application Package.