Value of accreditation

ACEEU accreditation is oriented towards students, business and academic partners, university employees and the wider community. We engage with people, innovation and university transformation, fostering the process of improvement as much as the status.

Icon Cultural Change

Promotion of cultural change

Aiming for ACEEU accreditation creates a mutual goal and requires collaborative efforts, allowing institutions to initiate and support the process of reconstructing or changing the culture across the organisation.

Icon Organisational Development

Acceleration of organisational development

Through the accreditation procedures, the results and derived recommendations your institution gains significant insights into its current entrepreneurship and engagement practice, ultimately enabling you to make more informed decisions, and to improve your institution’s performance.

Icon Recognition

Amplification of the recognition of excellence

ACEEU accreditation advertises both your commitment and excellence. ACEEU accreditation gives a clear message to your current and future students, business and academic partners, employees and funding bodies “what you are”, an entrepreneurship and/or engagement-oriented institution.