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28. June 2021

ACEEU has relocated to a bigger, greener, and eco-friendlier office!

To accommodate the remarkable growth of the accreditation business and EU-Funded projects, ACEEU has decided to move the office from Mendelstrasse 11, 48149 Münster to Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 14, 48149, Münster. The work at the new location has been effective from June 7th, 2021.

The new building offers more space for the ever-growing ACEEU team and also supports ACEEU in realizing its sustainability initiatives. Bright rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, modern energy-efficient air conditioning, and heating systems facilitate ACEEU in its attempt to reduce energy use. Additionally, the green scenery around the buildings, sound-absorbing floors, high-technology systems, and overall supporting environment have boosted more positive energy in the team.

ACEEU is truly pleased with the new working area. ACEEU believes that this relocation will bring more positive impacts, not only for the institution itself but also for its team members' well-being and work productivity.

Photo credit: Canva