Accreditation procedure

ACEEU accreditation follows a four-phase process, including application, self-evaluation, peer visit, and final evaluation, which each phase again having a variety of steps to be undertaken.

Please click on the below buttons to find out more about the single steps within each phase. For more detailed information, please refer to the ACEEU Process Manual.
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Step 1: Information procurement
Before applying for eligibility, interested institutions inform themselves about the accreditation focus, its procedure, standards and policies, and contact the ACEEU Office in case of questions.

Step 2: Eligibility application
The university applies for eligibility through

Step 3: Eligibility review
The chair/vice-chair of the Accreditation Council reviews the application and inform the institution about the result.

Step 4: Signing of the contract
Being declared eligible, the university signed the accreditation agreement.

Step 5: Payment of application fee
The university pays the non-refundable application fee.