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With its research-backed resources, innovative tools and support systems, and a host of dedicated experts ACEEU carefully guides HEIs to carve their unique path by capitalising on all opportunities that come with genuine engagement and entrepreneurship in higher education.

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University of Malaga

Spain's first ACEEU accredited Entrepreneurial University


Third Mission in Focus

Utilising a multi-lateral collaborative approach and a comprehensive set of standards for engagement and entrepreneurship ACEEU strives to advance the third mission potential of HEIs, maximise their impact in the communities and enhance their overall performance.

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Third Mission

ACEEU accreditation focuses on universities' contributions to economic and social development, with entrepreneurship and community engagement being the two impact vehicles put into focus.

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New Divisional Accreditation

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Since April 2021, ACEEU offers its entrepreneurship and engagement accreditation not only on institutional level but also on academic unit level. Apply now to become one of the first ones accredited!

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July 15, 2024
October 15, 2024
January 15, 2025
April 15, 2025


The first step to start your ACEEU accreditation is to apply for eligibility. ACEEU offers four deadlines per year to ensure a timely review of your application.



The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) is the only globally-operating quality assurance body with a focus on acknowledging engagement and entrepreneurship in Higher Education. As such, ACEEU strives to lead the way in a new era for higher education through evaluating, supporting and igniting the potential of HEIs on their road to third mission excellence.

Headquartered in Germany, ACEEU offers accreditation for entrepreneurship and (community) engagement on institutional (entire university) and divisional level (faculty, school, department). Universities engaging in ACEEU accreditation are united by their excellence in entrepreneurship and engagement, no matter if top 1% world university, or less known regionally-oriented institution.
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Value of ACEEU accreditation



ACEEU accreditation fosters cultural change through multi-stakeholder involvement in the accreditation process

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Accreditation process generates evidence and recommendations which enables institutions to make well-informed future decisions.

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Amplifying the

of Excellence

ACEEU accreditation gives a clear message to your current and future students, business and academic partners, employees and funding bodies “what you are”, an entrepreneurship and/or engagement-oriented institution.

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Hear what others say about us

Rafael Ventura
Vice-Chancellor for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
University of Malaga, Spain
"This accreditation has been a learning lesson for the entire organization, as we have been provided with a reference framework to understand the meaning of being an entrepreneurial university, identify the areas of improvement within the institution, and validate our strategy. We have a splendid opportunity to show students, society and companies of our environment which kind of university we want to be."
Devin Hauer
Director Ibero Consultores estratégicos
Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
" As a Council member of the ACEEU and evaluator for other institutions there is tremendous value in having a deep dive into the inner workings and understandings of either engagement or entrepreneurship. Great value is achieved for an institution that acts in these collaborative manners, not only to help stimulate internal forms of innovation, but with its dynamic collaborative efforts in society. Working collaboratively is more important than ever in society, and the ACEEU is leading the way to recognize institutions who are willing the positively change the world."
Johan Blaus
Director of Strategic Partnerships
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
"An interesting and valuable aspect of accreditation is that the university undergoes a dynamic learning process which means that awareness of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mindset and engagement increases and creates a basis for further discussions about how the university should continue to develop."
Noel Lindsay
Pro Vice-Chancellor of Entrepreneurship
University of Adelaide, Australia
"While it is great to get the accreditation, the journey was something incredible. We learned so much from the experience and it was truly a team effort. From the president to our deans, heads, of schools, students, head of industry they all got involved. (…) There was a cross fertilization of ideas that has continued to go on. There is a real buzz and commitment to keep the momentum going."
Fredrik Hörstedt
Vice President of Utilisation
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
"I am delighted and proud that we have received this recognition for the way in which we try to achieve an impact, as one of the first ‘engaged universities’ in the world. Chalmers has a long tradition of engagement with industry and society at large, which is well established and well-known in Sweden, and we have high ambitions to develop this ability even further."
Francisco Matiz
Former Director of the Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
EAN University, Colombia
"ACEEU recognized us not only for teaching entrepreneurship issues, but also for being consistent with our discourse and applying good practices in the internal processes of the Institution."
Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid
Management and Science University, Malaysia
"With The Most Entrepreneurial Private University Award 2016 secured from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and ACEEU’s accreditation, our path forward is quite clear."
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