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Eligibility and fees

Faculties, schools and departments interested in ACEEU's divisional accreditation are requested to submit an eligibility application for ACEEU to determine if the academic unit is eligible to pursue ACEEU accreditation.
Having acquired necessary information from our website and the office, your first stop in your ACEEU accreditation journey is ascertaining your eligibility.

To ensure that universities meet the essential prerequisites to undergo the complex ACEEU accreditation process, please make sure to provide us with the information as outlined below.
Criteria and documents


To be considered eligible, an academic unit needs to:


highlight a true commitment to entrepreneurship and/or engagement and have a reasonable prospect of satisfying the ACEEU standards within two years of being declared eligible


have reasonable autonomy in order to develop and implement strategies, structures, policies and operational activities fostering entrepreneurship and/or engagement

Institutional stability

demonstrate sufficient stability of the academic unit
The applicant is required to provide (1) a request for accreditation letter, and (2) an eligibility datasheet.

For more information and the documents required for an eligibility application, please refer to the ACEEU Application Package. Eligibility applications can be handed in here.
Transparent structure

Accreditation fees

ACEEU accreditation is based on a transparent fee structure that takes into account the different steps of the accreditation process.

Initial accreditation fee

Special offer for pioneering universities
Academic units that apply by October 15, 2021 and are open to give feedback at 3 stages of the accreditation process (used to validate and further develop our standards and processes), will benefit from a reduced total fee (application and peer review fee) of 10.000 Euro for single accreditation (compared to 12.500 Euro regular) and a total fee of 15.000 Euro for dual accreditation (compared to 20.000 Euro regular).

Regular offer
Single accreditation
The total fee for single accreditation is €12.500 with the single fees being:

  • Application fee: €4.000
  • Peer review fee: €8.500

Dual accreditation
The total fee for dual accreditation is €20.000 with the single fees being:

  • Application fee: €6.000
  • Peer review fee: €14.000

Please note that a combined fee can be paid (i.e. should an institution plan to pay the fee from a project budget). Contact us for more information on payment options.

For more information, please refer to the ACEEU Process Manual. Please note that applicants are also required to cover travel and accommodation for the Peer Review Team members that will visit the institution, in accordance with ACEEU's Travel and Reimbursable Expenses Policy.

Yearly membership fee

Accredited institutions are required to pay a yearly membership fee for the services continuously provided by ACEEU. The fee covers membership services such as access to good practices and tools, and the free attendance for one person to one of ACEEU's partner conferences, and helps to promote ACEEU around the globe.

  • Yearly fee: €1.500

Re-accreditation fee

Institutions are required to apply for re-accreditation every 5 years, with the costs being:

Single accreditation
  • €8.500

Dual accreditation
  • €13.500

Plus travel and accommodation for the Peer Review Team members that will visit the institution (see ACEEU's Travel and Reimbursable Expenses Policy).