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17 Jan 2023

CultureInternal Support StructuresService AlignmentEducationContinuous Improvement
The notion of “learning to be creative” from design education is relatively new in business and entrepreneurial education, so what can we learn?
By Kathryn Penaluna


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12 Dec 2022

EducationResearchThird Mission ActivitiesContinuous ImprovementInfluence within the EcosystemImpact
Entrepreneurial education in Africa: the E4Impact case
In the territory, for the territory: E4Impact and the importance of on-the-ground support for African entrepreneurship development
By Mario Molteni

14 Nov 2022

Institutional CommitmentFinancial PlanningLeadership
Thinking without a box: Post-COVID entrepreneurial recruiting
In the post-COVID world of higher education, international deans and recruiters are challenged to create innovative vision plans and recruiting strategies. This article suggests several entrepreneurial ways to connect students with colleges and universities in the post-Covid era.
By Marguerite J. Dennis

13 Oct 2022

Third Mission Activities
Saving the Planet with Entrepreneurship
The Need for Harmony
By David A. Kirby

21 Jul 2022

In a New Technological Environment: Quality Assurance Systems for Higher Education in Latin America
We live in a world where uncertainty prevails, and HEIs are no strangers to it. Therefore, it is crucial to look at rapid technological development and its impact on business and society - including a paradigm shift - and how HEIs in Latin America are trying to move forward in bridging the digital divide. In this line, developing quality assurance systems for various institutions and programs that train future entrepreneurs is relevant.
By Carlos Olivares

28 Apr 2022

Lessons from the World Café: reflections on entrepreneurship education effectiveness
Entrepreneurship education effectiveness means different things to different people. How can we best capture the outcomes of university-based entrepreneurship education?
By Dr. Carolin Decker-Lange

01 Apr 2022

Influence within the EcosystemImpact
SDGs and the Scientific Community's Commitment: How to Collaborate?
The scientific community is one of the main stakeholders responsible for legitimizing, implementing and achieving the SDGs. What are the challenges to acting on these responsibilities?
By Thais Dibbern

14 Mar 2022

Influence within the EcosystemImpact
HEI Global Engagement: From ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ to Concrete Measures
Global engagement has become a buzz word in HE. But is it just hot air? How does a truly globally engaged university behave?
By Dr. Vicky Lewis

02 Mar 2022

Creator Economy: Imperatives and Challenges for Higher Education
Content creation has moved from the margins to the mainstream economy with a variety of monetisation models. What are the imperatives, impacts, and challenges of the creator economy on higher education?
By Salil Sahadevan

25 Feb 2022

Institutional CommitmentLeadership
Embedding Sustainability in Academia: Deans as Change Makers
Deans have a unique role in driving sustainability transformations at universities. By linking top-down and bottom-up efforts, they serve both as connecting pins and amplifiers – as change-makers.
By Ben Jongbloed, Anete Veidemane

03 Feb 2022

CultureInfluence within the Ecosystem
Did you hear me? Framework for a listening culture in the engaged university
The Insight Discovery Matrix for an engaged university. It implements and drives momentum for deep listening and entrepreneurial behaviour.
By Antonio Dottore

28 Oct 2021

EducationThird Mission Activities
Envisioning International Terrain of Digitalization in Higher Education
Institutions of higher education aim to cultivate digital culture beyond campus and accelerate innovation in addition to developing intercultural competence through collaborations. Highlighting the internationalization of online initiatives, the surge of joint ventures charts a forward-looking blueprint of international education.
By Chiungfen Chen, Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan

01 Jun 2021

Continuous Improvement
Trust, but Verify the Words: The Importance of Site Visits as Part of an External Academic Accreditation
Some accreditation agencies have as their customary practice the conduct of site visits, while others only do so when they have questions and/or to seek clarification about a certain matter. As someone who has experience with both practices as well as from the viewpoint of being an academic accreditor and having been accredited, the former practice serves all involved parties best.
By Nita Temmerman

24 May 2021

Institutional CommitmentImpact
Combining Technology and Culture – Greek Higher Education Goes International
In a time of global upheaval, Greece has decided to internationalise its higher education to keep pace with the rapidly changing international academic landscape. Combining technology and classics, the Greek Internationalisation Plan places a strong focus on international cooperation while rethinking higher education in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation.
By Theodoros Papaioannou

10 May 2021

Continuous Improvement
Net Loss – Why Are We Seeing Exclusionary Graduate Hiring Networks Replicated Online?
Handshake's latest report, Netpotism, provides research suggesting that rather than acting as a true social accelerant, in many cases, the impact of the pandemic has been to move existing systems of entrenched privilege online. This, along with the digital divide affecting interviews, presents significant issues for those who are less well-off and well connected.
By Clare Adams

03 May 2021

Institutional CommitmentContinuous Improvement
Taking a Strategic Approach to Tackling Racial Inequality in UK Universities
Despite recent efforts, UK universities are still lagging in their response to racial inequality. A holistic institutional strategy backed by strong leadership commitment and resources is required. Critically, those who experience racial discrimination should be at the core of any anti-racism policy.
By Amatey Doku

19 Apr 2021

Institutional CommitmentShared Goals
Embracing the Sustainable Development Goals and Forging a Way Forward
Higher education is only called out in two of the 169 SDG targets; however, there are more than 60 targets in which it plays a pivotal role. Higher education leaders are urged to undertake a holistic evaluation of how they propose to address the SDGs and map out a way forward, whilst recognising that there are many limitations and barriers.
By Angel Calderon

12 Apr 2021

EducationThird Mission Activities
Deep Tech and the Role of Universities
Deep tech has exploded in interest across policy, business and investor circles in just the last two years due to these technologies’ potential to address the grand challenges facing society. However, commercializing deep tech is challenging, requiring talent with a holistic understanding of science and business. Universities play an important role in creating the pipeline of students prepared to build the future of deep tech.
By Angelo Romasanta

06 Apr 2021

Financial PlanningThird Mission Activities
Shopping for Degrees
With the continuing interest of competition regulators in the work of universities and the never-ending debate about whether university students should or should not be thought of as consumers, it is always entertaining to see how shopping and studying can indeed overlap. Putting students as consumers in the centre of the higher education landscape is now coming to pass in perhaps unexpected ways.
By Paul Greatrix

31 Mar 2021

Shared GoalsImpact
European Higher Education 2030: Scenarios for the European Universities Initiative
The next generation of European higher education internationalisation may be defined by the European Universities Initiative. Three scenarios provide insight into what that future may look like.
By Jessica D. Schüller

25 Mar 2021

Service AlignmentThird Mission Activities
French President Makes Mentoring a State Priority: What’s the Role of Mentoring Organisations and Universities?
The Collectif Mentorat, an organisation bringing together the main mentoring actors in France, has been entitled to the implementation of a major mentoring plan in the country as a solution to the educational and health crises.
By Christophe Paris

16 Mar 2021

Internal Support StructuresThird Mission Activities
COVID-19 Highlights the Role of the Entrepreneurial University in India
India’s entrepreneurial universities have collaborated with the government, industries and stakeholders to shape an effective response to COVID-19. Their success highlights the fact that university-industry strategic partnerships can flourish in emerging and developing economies in times of crises.
By Samrat Ray

01 Mar 2021

Shared GoalsThird Mission Activities
University – Industry Collaborations: Gaining Impact and Driving Valuable Outcomes
There is no doubt that employers rely on higher education providers to deliver qualified and skilled employees. It is also true that universities rely on industry to support the making of a more skilled and entrepreneurial minded workforce. For the best fit to occur between input and output (graduates), the two parties should be clearly and regularly communicating their expectations with each other.
By Nita Temmerman

10 Feb 2021

Shared GoalsResearchContinuous Improvement
Rethinking and Reinforcing Support for India’s University Researchers in the Pandemic and Beyond
Doctoral students and young researchers from Dehli’s universities share their stories of dealing with the new challenges and limitations impacting their research work in the pandemic. Their experiences reveal increased pressures, anxiety and a lack of support from their institutions. Tackling this problem will require universities to become more innovative, entrepreneurial and engaged with key stakeholders.
By Monika Maini

01 Feb 2021

Lessons from an Academic Mountaineer: Exploring the Terrain and Getting a Grip on Competency-Based Online Education
The pandemic has unearthed latent issues of access, equity, and attainment of valuable higher educational credentials. Confronted with these challenges, universities should explore the competency-based online model: at WGU it has been effective in transforming the traditional relationships among students, faculty, the institution, and the market.
By Linda A. Wendling

20 Jan 2021

Flexible Pathways for “Getting Out of Higher Education” Will Be Even More Important in the Post-COVID Era
Higher education institutions and the labour market can work together on offering work-based learning and flexible completion opportunities to tackle growing unemployment rates in the post-COVID era.
By Uliana Furiv, Michaela Martin

14 Jan 2021

Continuous Improvement
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education in a Post-COVID-19 World
Higher education officials need to reimagine what colleges and universities will “look like” after the confusion of the pandemic passes, and why the times require, and support, innovation and entrepreneurship to guide higher education in the future.
By Marguerite J. Dennis

28 Dec 2020

Institutional CommitmentContinuous Improvement
The Risk of Returning to “The Good Old Days” for Universities Post-COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken universities in many profound ways and will likely continue to affect higher education after the pandemic subsides. In this context, little is being made on how a yearning for normality may eschew innovations in the post-pandemic periods as universities may feel increasingly compelled to revert to old practices. Driving innovations forward will present a huge challenge for university leadership.
By Amatey Doku

27 Nov 2020

Third Mission ActivitiesContinuous Improvement
Tailoring University Incubation Programmes Based on the Needs of Refugees
A revision of refugee entrepreneurship programmes in higher education institutions can increase refugee resilience and contribute to better adaptation to new communities.
By Aysuhan Tuba Saral

03 Oct 2020

Shared GoalsLeadership
Constructing Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa Presents Unique Opportunities and Challenges
Africa has been noted for its entrepreneurship culture and potential. Still the lack of clarity of the concept and a weak policy environment are inhibiting a total embrace by higher education institutions on the continent
By Ransford Bekoe

24 Sep 2020

Shared GoalsLeadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership Failure and Its Impact on Student Entrepreneurial Spirit
Entrepreneurship is often overlooked by many universities. How failure in entrepreneurial leadership impacts student entrepreneurial spirit by examining selected universities in the MENA region?
By Ibrahim M. Karkouti

20 Sep 2020

Leadership for the Engaged University: Nurturing Social Capital to Leverage Organisational Knowledge
For the engaged university to thrive requires a leadership model that fosters a culture of innovation-driven thinking, creation, and community engagement by its members.
By Antonio Dottore

17 Sep 2020

Leading Entrepreneurship at a University During Turbulent Times
Discover how in this age of uncertainty organisational development theory has been leveraged to lead the award-winning team at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
By Wendy Kerr

15 Sep 2020

Entrepreneurship Education and ADHD: Is It Time to Support Right-Brain Thinkers?
In recent years increased attention has been paid to the link between the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Entrepreneurship. Here, Professor David A. Kirby considers the implications for Entrepreneurship Education based on early research he undertook at the University of Surrey.
By David A. Kirby

07 Sep 2020

Institutional CommitmentShared GoalsInternal Support Structures
Carrying the Third Mission Weight Requires Many Shoulders: Can Austria Learn from the German Approach?
It takes a village to bring up a child, and an all-institutional effort to encourage third mission. Austria’s approach to promoting universities ‘roles beyond education and research has limitation on several levels. Can Germany’s more centralised government-backed model help? Here, we outline why the establishment of stand-alone transfer centers are just a drop in the ocean.
By Dr. Martina Gaisch, Daniela Nömeyer

03 Sep 2020

Continuous ImprovementImpact
From Assessing Impact to Making an Impact
Innovation scholars assessing impact in research consortia can make a wider impact to their universities, scientific community and society at large.
By Angelo Romasanta

31 Aug 2020

Can Indian Universities Tackle Challenges to Deliver Social Impact?
Indian universities that aim at producing social impact will face various challenges in funding, student expectations, student admission, academics perception, and university governance. Understanding these challenges is important before any viable strategy can be developed and implemented.
By V. Santhakumar

18 Aug 2020

Prejudice-Driven Challenges of Entrepreneurship Education Limit its Impacts
Entrepreneurial education is in trend and fashion, yet many implementation challenges it faces stem from biases and misconceptions of educators and society. Admitting this fact opens a way to solutions.
By Nikolai Shmelev

15 Aug 2020

Shared GoalsThird Mission Activities
Entrepreneurial University and COVID-19: Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Transformation?
Universities will change as a result of the Coronavirus, but how? And how will the pandemic impact on their Third Mission and enterprise activities?
By David A. Kirby

10 Aug 2020

Third Mission ActivitiesImpact
Why Do Most University Impact Studies Fail to Adequately Assess Universities’ Engagement with Communities?
The traditional ‘big number’ approach to measuring economic impact is out of step with what places need from their universities. As a result, improvements in engagement are difficult to analyse, plan and implement.
By James Ransom

06 Aug 2020

Institutional Commitment
Universities - Entrepreneurial and Sustainable. Best of Both Worlds?
As universities seek to become both entrepreneurial and sustainable, they will redefine their role as smart actors in entrepreneurial ecosystems.
By Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Segers