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Making History

From its humble beginnings to the present moment of being a globally renowned, independent accreditation Council, ACEEU has always been pushing towards new frontiers in higher education through engagement and entrepreneurship.
It all started with a simple question that we couldn't let go: If quality assurance for education is driven by accreditation, and research is driven by rankings, what about the third mission?

The rest is history: founded in 2016 as part of the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and now established as a separate organisation in Germany, ACEEU has set the world's first accreditation framework for the third mission of universities, and by this supported the transformation of universities towards third generation institutions Innovative in its approach, ACEEU works with transformational leaders and change makers to make change happen and the world a better, more sustainable place - with universities at the heart.

ACEEU is committed to redefining the standards of quality in higher education, empowering university stakeholders to be proactive agents of change and accelerate innovation and collaboration through third mission.
Jul, 2015

Start of work on establishing an accreditation for the universities' third mission.

Jul / Oct, 2016

Foundation of ACEEU and first public call for applicants.


The first institition is accredited.


ACEEU moves its headquarters to Münster, Germany.


Start of ACEEU's divisional accreditation programme.

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