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ACEEU Path to Excellence

With ACEEU there are no shortcuts to success and universities are expected to fully commit themselves to the tri-partite path to excellence.
Philosopher John Dewey once said “The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” ACEEU is transposing this ethos onto the arena of higher education, universities, faculties, programs and individuals comprising these, in order to propel them all into a collective action for constant improvement.

This path to excellence is a multi-faceted, iterative approach adopted by ACEEU to enable universities, faculties and programs to tap into their true potential for innovation, engagement and entrepreneurship and experience renaissance.

Leveraging the expertise of in-house staff and external experts and putting innovative tools at disposal, ACEEU is committed to promoting excellence via honing skills of HEI practitioners to empower them to make their HEIs more responsive to societal and economic needs.

Looking through the prism of 15 standards of third mission excellence, ACEEU is evaluating excellence and lauding the domains in which HEIs are excelling and pinpointing weak spots that can be improved.

Creating the platform for inspiring stories of HEIs that ‘live and breathe’ engagement and entrepreneurship across all levels enables ACEEU is celebrating excellence and helping cultivate a tight-knit community dedicated to third mission excellence.