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Frequently Asked

Please check our frequently asked questions. If your questions remain unanswered upon reading them, drop us an email!

Value of ACEEU Accreditation

While we cannot ensure that you become the first accredited entrepreneurial and/or engaged university in your country, region or field, some recommendations can be given. As dual accreditation procedures generally take longer than a single accreditation, you might want to focus on one accreditation first. However, if you like to be recognised as the first institution that achieved ACEEU's dual accreditation in your country, region or field, you might want to start with a dual accreditation right away. This is your decision.

ACEEU accreditation provides your organisation and those working in your organisation with a variety of benefits. To fully benefit from the accreditation, we recommend:

  • - to widely communicate the achieved accreditation (a marketing guidebook will be provided to you in the member-internal area of the website once you received accreditation)
  • - to make use of ACEEU’s yearly workshop and conference offer which you get free of charge as part of your membership
  • - to actively network with other institutions that have achieved ACEEU accreditation to share and learn, ultimately helping you to further advance your approach towards entrepreneurship and engagement (please refer to the members directory in the members area on the ACEEU website)


While ACEEU's name (Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities) specifically refers to universities, other higher education institutions can also apply. Should you represent an organisation that clearly belongs to the education system (such as university-external science parks, incubators or technology transfer offices) and you are interested in ACEEU accreditation, please get in contact with us. We are currently in the process of developing an accreditation for these organisation types.

We are currently in the last stages of developing our divisional accreditation which would enable individual academic units (faculties, departments, schools) to apply. Please visit our website regularly for more updates on this topic.


While the length of the accreditation process depends on many factors (e.g. pro-activeness of the applicant institution, time to plan the visit, administrative matters, etc.), it is expected to take between 12 and 16 months.

Costs / efforts

There is no fee to be paid for your eligiblity application. You only have to pay the fees when declared eligible.

Should the Accreditation Committee’s evaluation of your Self-assessment Report clearly indicate that your institution is unlikely to meet ACEEU’s standards, the accreditation process can be stopped by the applicant and no further fees have to be paid (until this moment only the application fee has been paid). Should the applicant decide to apply for ACEEU accreditation at a later stage again, a new application needs to be handed in with all costs attached to it.

Should you not be granted ACEEU accreditation, no refund of fees is possible. The fees you pay are to enable us to conduct the evaluation of your institution and are thus not refundable should you miss to satisfy the accreditation standards.

ACEEU aims to support institution in their journey of becoming a more entrepreneurial and/or engaged organisation. This journey does not end with the award of the accreditation, but requires continuous improvement. Therefore, ACEEU provides its members with various services that help them to stay ahead of competition, primary by proving new knowledge, skills and tools and by linking members for knowledge exchange. Example services include: - Access to a good practice database (250+ cases) and a good practice finder - Access to a toolbox, hosting more than 100 models and instruments for entrepreneurship and engagement development - Free access to an ACEEU or ACEEU partner conference for one member representative