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ACEEU Membership benefits & fees

ACEEU memberships provides a wide range of opportunities for higher education institutions to drive their entrepreneurial and engaged university development process.
ACEEU Membership is an exclusive status that is only granted to institutions that aim to undertake ACEEU accreditation in the future, that are currently in the process of accreditation, or that have achieved ACEEU accreditation.

Thus, ACEEU Membership can be utilised as a preparatory step for future ACEEU accreditation procedures. During their membership, institutions will be empowered to drive change in your organisation and meet with other member organisations that have already achieved ACEEU accreditation, ultimately providing institutions a path towards accreditation.

Membership is limited to these institutions as we aim to build a unique community of change makers and impact generators that is characterised by commitment to and passion for the topic.

The value provided


Visibility / promotion

ACEEU provides you with various opportunities to promote your institution and get recognised for your commitment to entrepreneurship and engagement.

  • Organisational logo on ACEEU Website
  • Organisational profile in ACEEU internal members directory
  • Usage of ACEEU member logo
  • ACEEU membership certificate
  • Listing on Global League of Entrepreneurial Universities Website
    (category "membership")
  • Free advertisement on Global League of Entrepreneurial Universities Website
    (in rotation with other member ads)

Knowledge library

The knowledge library provides you with insights into entrepreneurial and engaged university development. All material is classified by the ACEEU standards so that you can find insights in a very target oriented manner.

  • Toolbox (100+ tools)
  • Good practice database (250+ case studies)
  • Book shelf (50+)
  • Videos library (25+)

Expert Community (in development)

The ACEEU Expert Community is the central point to engage with others that are developing more entrepreneurial and engaged institutions. The platform helps you to identify like-minded members who have a particular expertise (ACEEU standards they are good at) or who face particular challenges (ACEEU standards in which they want to improve).

  • Listing of employees on the expert community platform
    Max 10 experts per institution
  • Access to expert community platform
    For all your employees

Education and Professional Development

ACEEU provides educational and professional development opportunities for institutions that equip staff member with the right knowledge, skills and tools to become drivers of entrepreneurial and engaged university development.

  • ACEEU Workshops
    50% discount on individual workshops held at your institution
  • Free access to the ACEEU training on "Mastering ACEEU Accreditation"
    (in development)


ACEEU membership aims to bring together those that are aiming to challenge the status quo and become true leaders in entrepreneurship and engagement development. As this works best in physical meetings, ACEEU offers its members special opportunities to meet at various events throughout the year.

  • One free ticket to an international ACEEU (partner) event
    Full members only
  • €250 discount to one international ACEEU (partner) event
    Affilate members only

* Please note that event tickets that are not used in one year can be transferred into the next year. Tickets are not lost (especially important during the current pandemic).

Membership fees

Full Membership

€1.500 / year

Affiliate membership

€1.200 / year

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