Qual-AI-ty Engagement Project

Fostering Student Engagement through AI-driven Qualitative Quality AssurancePractices
Qual-AI-ty Engagement is forward-looking project aimed at disrupting the higher education through artificial intelligence (AI) and genuine commitment to quality as derived from student engagement with society. It aims to do so by empowering university quality assurance staff through comprehensive training and cooperation in the project and by engaging students, who are a major contributing factor to the entire project through their co-creation and participation in piloting activities. By empowering quality assurance staff to engage more actively with students and their endeavours within society, the aim is to create a nurturing space where society engagement on the part of students is actively promoted, visible and rewarded in the higher education landscapes.
ACEEU's Role: Quality Assurance leader and co-developer of Intellectual Outputs
As the Quality Assurance leader, ACEEU will take charge in preparing the Quality Management and Evaluation Strategy, tracking partner progress, and drafting the interim and final evaluation reports. Furthermore, as impact on various levels and at various stakeholders is deemed of particular importance to the project consortium. ACEEU, will also take responsibility in drafting the Impact Vision Strategy, aimed at clearly and succinctly outlining desired impact, impact indicators and measurement thereof. As a co-developer of Intellectual Outputs, ACEEU will lead the consortium’s work in designing and implementing the Qual-AI-ty Engagement Bootcamp. It will also collaborate with other project partners in the development of U-Society Insight Report and a Compendium of Good Practices, and Qual-AI-tative Data Wizard and U-Observatory, Qual-AI-ty Engagement Pilot, and U-Society Action Plan.

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Adisa Ejubovic

Executive Manager

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01 Sep 2020 to 31 Oct 2022
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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, European Commission
5 Partners (see partner information below)
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