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Fostering Neighborhood Participation to Protect and Care for Elderly Citizens
NEXT DOOR aims to promote social capital within neighbourhoods, fostering the protection of elderly citizens and increasing their levels of self-esteem and quality of life. The project seeks to develop a methodology to engage multi-level stakeholders in the response to elderly needs, providing effective resources to enable general public (‘the neighbours’) to support older people living alone in their communities, as well as to provide a pack of resources for professionals and policy-makers to implement a full-model of neighbourhood support. The ultimate goal is to create stronger ties among neighbours and a sense of belonging to the community.
ACEEU's Role: Project quality assurance and evaluation leader, co-leader of an intellectual output
As the project quality assurance and evaluation leader, ACEEU will develop quality indicators, quality control measures and evaluation procedures for overall project management, intellectual outputs, and other project activities. ACEEU will also contribute as co-leader in the development and piloting of Awareness and Capacity-Building Programme, as well as a supporter in working on other intellectual outputs.

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Harshitha Polathula

Junior International Project Officer

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Project period
01 Sep 2020 to 31 Aug 2023
Funding body & program
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, European Commission
8 Partners (see partner information below)
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Next Door's final sunny Short Term Joint Staff Training in Carpi, Italy!
Next Door’s project partners and external participants from the seven European countries involved in the fields of community engagement, urban devel [...]
Next Door: Fostering neighborhood participation to protect and care for elderly citizens- ACEEU's Awareness Activities
Project Next Door’s German propagation of the awareness-raising efforts have seen a successful display through interactive, innovative and novel com [...]
Next Door's Capacity Building Workshop in Münster!
Project Next Door is all set to begin with community engagement to introduce the project achievements in developing tools and resources to foster neig [...]
Next Door Project Heating Up in Valencia!
Project partners and external participants met last week in Valencia, Spain for a “train the trainers” workshop, hosted by Consorci de la Ribera. [...]
Our First Face-to-Face Networking and Info Event in Muenster!
The severe weather warnings couldn’t stop this multiplier event! On the 20th of May, ACEEU presented the Next Door project alongside two local no [...]
Next Door Goes Digital!
In February, Next Door partners met for a transnational project meeting, which was hosted virtually by ACEEU. The final output from IO1 was presented [...]
NEXT DOOR Transnational Project Meeting
On September 15th, 2021, ACEEU and the rest of the NEXT DOOR project partners held an online transnational project meeting. The main objective of this [...]
Quality Evaluation Plan for the Next Door project
As Quality Assurance leader of the Next Door project, ACEEU has prepared a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan. The evaluation of the project will be [...]
Opening (the) Next Door
With the official project kick-off meeting that has been held on December 14 and 15, 2020, the Next Door project officially "opened its door". Next Do [...]
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