Fostering Rural Resilience through Creativity- and Arts-driven Entrepreneurship
Fostering Rural Resilience through Creativity and Arts-driven Entrepreneurship (RURAL CANVAS) is a project that aims to bring the two worlds of arts and creative industries on one hand, and rural areas in Europe on the other, to boost employability and entrepreneurial skillset of artists and creative workers, foster interdisciplinarity and facilitate rural resilience as a result. In this manner, artists and creative workers will be ignited with new skills to complement their primary profession, which in turn would foster their employability skills; they would make valuable contribution to the rural development and rural community coping mechanisms; they would garner a bigger sense of meaning and purpose. The project will heavily rely on project-based and problem-based learning to upskill the artists and creative workers and will be highly collaborative, as one of the key outcomes of the project would involve teams of artists and creative workers to create implementable projects in the rural areas. The processes of upskilling artists and equipping them to create projects will be driven actively by Rurart Alliances, a group of relevant and competent stakeholders set up at the beginning of the project. In addition, each team will be assigned a mentor either from Rurart Alliances or consortium partner network, who will guide the team in their project creation.
ACEEU's Role: Quality assurance and impact evaluation leader; co-developer of intellectual outputs
ACEEU will prepare the Quality Management and Evaluation Strategy, tracking partner progress, and drafting the interim and final evaluation reports. Furthermore, as impact on various levels and at various stakeholders is deemed of particular importance to the project consortium, ACEEU will also take responsibility in drafting the Impact Vision Strategy, aimed at clearly and succinctly outlining the desired impact, impact indicators and measurement thereof. ACEEU will take the lead of creating Rural eCanvas and support the creation of other outputs.

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Adisa Ejubovic

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03 Apr 2021 to 30 Apr 2023
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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, European Commission
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Rural Canvas website and social media channels were launched and visual identity elements were adopted
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Kicking off the Rural Canvas project digitally
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