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Personalised learning paths to foster social-cooperative entrepreneurship
MyDigiCoop aims to promote social-cooperative entrepreneurship in HE by equipping HE professionals with innovative online tools and competences to foster social-cooperative entrepreneurship among their students. To reach this overarching aim, 6 complementary partners (3 universities and 3 SMEs) from 4 different EU countries will work together to achieve the following 5 specific objectives: 1. to map HE students’ entrepreneur and cooperative profiles, 2. to design personalised online learning paths for HE students with the aim of supporting HE educators in the development of the students’ entrepreneurial competences, 3. to create an interactive virtual platform to support the development of social cooperative economy and social entrepreneurship, 4. to provide the required skills, competences, and materials to teachers in HE to foster social-cooperative entrepreneurship in their courses, and 5. to strengthen synergies and cooperation among HE institutions, companies from both public and private sector, and associations by means of including their needs in the training course.
ACEEU's Role: ACEEU's Role: ACEEU's Role: Dissemination and Exploitation and impact evaluation leader; co-developer of intellectual outputs
ACCEU will lead two tasks in the IO2: O2.A2 “Guidelines validation” and O3.A4 “Guidelines translation” and will contribute to the rest of the tasks as described in the corresponding section. The entity will also lead the dissemination and exploitation tasks of the project (offline and online) due to their sound experience in dissemination and transfer of knowledge, at national and international levels.

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Adisa Ejubovic

Executive Manager

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Project period
01 Apr 2021 to 28 Feb 2023
Funding body & program
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, European Commission
6 Partners (see partner information below)
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Representing Commitments to the Goals and Values of the Project via Visual Identity
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‘Kicking-off' the Creation of Personalized Digital Learning Paths to Foster Social-Cooperative Entrepreneurship with MyDigiCoop Project
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