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DICE Project

Digital Community Engagement Accelerator for Student Learning and Socio-economic Impact
The DICE consortium believes that there is tremendous potential for universities to advance student learning and to better support social development by moving university-community engagement to the digital space. Building on the traditional and successful use of accelerator programs for the development of start-ups, the DICE consortium will use the same concept to develop an acceleration program that supports university educators and course managers in the development of digital community engagement courses. Thus, the DICE project aims to answer to two of the greatest challenges of higher education at once: fostering digitalization and the universities Third Mission. This will be implemented by moving university community engagement courses to the digital space. There are four specific objectives that DICE project will target. These are: a. To equip university educators and course directors with an integrated value-based framework tool for digital CE (WP2) b. To define a process for creating digital CE courses (WP3) c. To validate the above-listed tools through the piloting and launch of a Digital Accelerator Platform (WP4 and WP5) d. To provide a compendium of good practices, testimonies, and policy recommendations (WP5).
ACEEU's Role: Leader of WP3 - Manual for Designing Digital Community Engagement Courses and Digital Accelerator Development, and Quality Assurance Leader
ACEEU will lead WP3, The Manual for Designing Digital Community Engagement Courses and Digital Accelerator Development. The aim of WP3 is to develop a process and a support program that helps educators to design digital CE courses. The DICE project sees the digital accelerator as key solution to guide course directors and university educators step by step towards an effective development of digital CE courses in HE. Overall, it aims to support and upskill course directors and university educators by providing guidelines and a structured process to create their own community engagement courses online. This WP will directly expose the target group to entrepreneurial practices, methods and tools to develop digital CE solutions. Additionally, ACEEU will lead the Quality Assurance and Evaluation aspect of the project. This will include the development of a Quality Management and Evaluation Strategy.

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Hugo Buitrago

Higher Education Specialist

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01 Nov 2022 to 31 Oct 2025
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Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships, European Commission
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