Circular Economy from Social Enterprises to Their Customers
CIRCULAR LOOPS aims to foster the approach of circular economy in social enterprises by promoting the concept of social circular economy. The project looks for the creation of a transferable package of resources to improve knowledge about social circular economy in each context, through general public and for entrepreneurs who manage social enterprises. At the end, CIRCULAR LOOPS intends to create a more responsible and sustainable production and consumption of goods and services, and a safer planet to live and work in.
ACEEU's Role: Quality assurance leader and co-developer of intellectual outputs
ACEEU will provide experience in entrepreneurial training and networking with different research and academic institutions; will develop the scientific methodology and sets the criteria for analysis of practices and, while also designing the templates and procedures for the validation workshops (Intellectual Output 1); will provide quality assurance, quality control plan and tools to be used in the quality process; will evaluate outcomes and impact assessment plan.

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TPM in Bella Italia
The Circular Loops project team was excited to finally meet their fellow partners in real life after almost a year of working together on this project [...]
A Meeting with the Experts
Last week, the ACEEU team responsible for the CIRCULAR LOOPS project held a validation workshop with experts from the field of social entrepreneurship [...]
Focus (group) on consumer perspectives
The Circular Loops project enters the next stage. Last week, ACEEU as the German partner company of the Circular Loops project of Erasmus Plus hosted [...]
European Circular Approach
ACEEU, accompanied by the other partner companies of the Circular Loops project has successfully identified and elaborated best practice examples of E [...]
Circular Loops consortium presents project logo and visual identity
Aiming to inspire and educate practitioners all across Europe to promote circular economy approaches in their social enterprises, Circular Loops clear [...]
“Starting the Loop”
On October 27, the consortium partners of the Circular Loops project (entitled “Circular economy from social enterprises to their customers”) met [...]
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