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DECODE Sustainability Project

European Deans Council for Designing Sustainability Impact Roadmaps
The DECODE Sustainability project aims at fostering the institutionalisation of Sustainable Development (SD) in university department to spearhead their contributions to sustainability, aimed necessary for addressing challenges in European societies, industries and economies. The DECODE Sustainability project will develop a tool-based process to ensure an innovative, relevant and dynamic upskilling and collaborative approach that stimulates entrepreneurial and engaged thinking and acting in deans, aiming at strengthening their commitment and decisions towards increasing sustainability impacts. The principal aim of the DECODE Sustainability project is creating departmental governance changes that are effective and efficient in the creation of sustainability impact. For this purpose, the project will facilitate the identification and understanding of key challenges and opportunities in integrating SD into HEI departments; create a vibrant "sustainability community" of deans and their representatives; dissect the complex task of departmental SD integration into smaller pieces (process steps, tools); foster deans’ abilities to integrate SD as a corner stone of their academic unit; and create a clear path and decisions to increase departmental contributions to SD
ACEEU's Role: Quality assurance and impact evaluation leader; co-developer of intellectual outputs
ACEEU will prepare the Quality Management and Evaluation Strategy, tracking partner progress, and drafting the interim and final evaluation reports. Furthermore, as impact on various levels and at various stakeholders is deemed of particular importance to the project consortium, ACEEU will also take responsibility in drafting the Impact Vision Strategy, aimed at clearly and succinctly outlining the desired impact, impact indicators and measurement thereof. Also, ACEEU, together with the PC and the IO leaders will define and apply quality KPIs for the continuous monitoring of the project. ACEEU will also collaborate with partners in the developing of several intellectual outputs, including DECODE Deans Council and Platform and DECODE Toolkit

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Emmanuel Ohene

Junior International Project Officer

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Project period
01 Sep 2020 to 31 Aug 2023
Funding body & program
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, European Commission
5 Partners (see partner information below)
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Project updates

The DECODE Toolkit has been officially launched!
On October 13, 2022, together with the DECODE Sustainability partners, ACEEU launched the third main output of the project, the DECODE Toolkit. Th [...]
Join the DECODE Toolkit Webinar. Register Now!
ACEEU and the DECODE Sustainability partners would like to invite deans of universities, heads of departments/ faculties/ schools and those who drive [...]
DECODE's First Face-to-Face Transnational Project Meeting in Riga
ACEEU is jubilant to announce that after more than a year and a half of working together, the DECODE Sustainability partners have finally met face to [...]
DECODE Newsletter Issue 2 has been published!
The second issue of the DECODE Sustainability project has been published! In this newsletter, you can find a summary of what the project has achieved [...]
Presenting the First Results of the Project through an Insightful Webinar
The DECODE Project organized an open webinar for HEI deans and academics and those who are interested in the topic of Sustainable Development (SD) in [...]
Celebrating the Official Launch of the European Deans Council for Sustainable Development
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 has marked the official start of the DECODE - European Deans Council for Sustainable Development. In one and a half [...]
Launch Event of the DECODE Council for Sustainable Development
Press Release 02: The DECODE project will launch the European Deans Council for Sustainable Development on Nov. 3rd, 2021, in an event hosted onlin [...]
DECODE Sustainability's Pre-Transnational Project Meeting 2
On July 14th, 2021, ACEEU and the rest of the DECODE project partners held an online transnational project meeting. This meeting served as a planning [...]
DECODE Sustainability Twitter and LinkedIn Channels have been Launched!
DECODE Sustainability has now extended its communication channels by launching its official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You can follow the progr [...]
Open Invitation to Shape the Foundation of the DECODE Council
DECODE Sustainability has entered the next stage of the project. After having successfully gathered 30 deans to map out the current reality of Sus [...]
DECODE Sustainability Calling European DEANS to Join the DECODE Deans’ Interview
To accomplish DECODE’s primary goal of institutionalizing Sustainable Development at the academic unit level (faculties, schools, departments), the [...]
Vibrantly Inspiring: The Newly Designed DECODE Logo and Visual Identity
ACEEU and all DECODE Sustainability partners are pleased to announce the launch of the DECODE project’s logo and visual identity. The strong and [...]
The Launch of DECODE Sustainability Website
ACEEU and partners are proud to announce the launch of the newly developing DECODE Sustainability website. The website domain name, DECODE-COUNCIL, [...]
ACEEU and partners start (to) DECODE sustainability
On December 9, 2020, the DECODE Sustainability project hosted its formal kick-off meeting. Following a short pre-kickoff meeting held some weeks earli [...]
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