24. November 2020

Circular Loops consortium presents project logo and visual identity

Aiming to inspire and educate practitioners all across Europe to promote circular economy approaches in their social enterprises, Circular Loops clearly requires an inspirational brand image. Following discussions at the project’s kick-off meeting, the partners have chosen the project logo and visual identity for the project.

The logo and visual identity have been designed by Irina Iacob. She describes the reasoning for the developed design as follows:

"The process of circular economy can be seen as a never-ending cycle of transformation, in which the 8 R’s of circular economy play a major role in establishing the practical actions that can be undertaken in sustaining a different kind of economy: rethink, repair, reuse, reduce, refuse, recycle, recover and regift. Starting from this idea, I went further to think about the logo as a “sustainable” graphic constructed from the building blocks of geometry: the circle or the square. This is in a way a metaphor for the elemental resources (natural and human) that the economy is built upon. The result is a modular graphic, flexible and adaptable, able to reinvent itself as a new piece of graphic, without losing its core identity."

The developed logo and visual components will be used across all Circular Loops material, covering presentations, reports, and the project website, amongst others.

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