28. November 2020

AImazing start of Qual-AI-ty Engagement project

On November 27th and December 3rd, 2020 a forward looking project “Fostering Student Engagement through AI-driven Qualitative Quality Assurance Practices (Qual-AI-ty Engagement)" was officially launched. In 2 days of content-packed presentations, the partners discussed the future of quality assurance and how student engagement and artificial intelligence can bring more perspectives and value to the improvement of the existing higher education structures, processes and outputs.

One of the key aspects of the lively discussions focused on generating impact that would go beyond the lifespan of the project. Many partners agreed that, in order for sustainability of any project to take place, it is important to start discussing it at the beginning of the project, rather than at the end. With that in mind, discussions already took direction in forming synergies with other similar networks and projects to make sure the impact is far reaching.

Qual-AI-ty Engagement is Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project lead by Riga Technical University and co-lead by ACEEU. It aims to empower quality assurance staff to take a more proactive role in fostering student engagement. It aims to do so by leveraging AI resources to acquire and process qualitative data, thus enhancing the efficiency and creating the culture of quality for student engagement. Other partners include University of Twente, The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education (ECA).

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