03. March 2021

Quality Evaluation Plan for the Next Door project

As Quality Assurance leader of the Next Door project, ACEEU has prepared a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan. The evaluation of the project will be realised on six levels:

- Outcomes (IOs) - 4 evaluations

- Transnational Project Meetings - 5 evaluations

- Ongoing Semester Quality Management – 6 evaluations

- Multiplier Events – 14 evaluations

- Short-Term Joint Staff Training Events – 2 evaluations

- External assessments – 1 evaluation per country

The Quality Assurance Plan draft was presented before the project consortium during one of the project’s meetings in January 2021 and adopted in its final form in February 2021. The Quality Assurance Plan will serve as guidance for all the partners involved in this project to produce high-quality deliverables and avoid any possible risks.

Photo credits: Mockuuups Studio

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