08. April 2021

U-SIA Quality Assurance Plan Approved by the Steering Committee

The U-SIA project has established a solid internal management foundation with the approval by the Steering Committee of the key normative documents for the project: Project Management Plan, Quality Assurance Plan and Communication Plan.

The Quality Assurance Plan provides a robust framework of quality assurance, evaluation and control with the dual goal of attaining high quality standards for all project operations and deliverables while also ensuring the project’s sustainability and lasting impacts.

The Plan will also fosters collaboration and teamwork in the project by helping partners foresee, identify and rectify any omissions and shortcoming that might occur during implementation.

The Quality Assurance plan specifies qualitative criteria and quantitative indicators for the quality of project management processes, partner meetings, Work Package implementation activities and outputs.

ACEEU contributed to the development of the Quality Assurance Plan.

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