26. March 2021

Vibrantly Inspiring: The Newly Designed DECODE Logo and Visual Identity

ACEEU and all DECODE Sustainability partners are pleased to announce the launch of the DECODE project’s logo and visual identity.

The strong and vibrant logo crystallizes the project’s principal aims which are to “decode” the complex task of Sustainable Development (SD) in HEI academic units into a comprehensible and manageable tool-supported process and empower Deans of HEIs to find their approach to enhance their academic unit’s commitment to creating greater positive sustainability impacts.

The newly-designed logo portrays the idea of the process of implementing SD integration itself. Although the process can be seen as a rather challenging process, it is nonetheless an elegant and important journey. Inspired by some well-known puzzle games such as Tetris, Rubik Cube, and block pieces, the logo represents the concept of deconstructing and recombining elements of SD and putting them together to achieve sustainability. Moreover, taking the idea of multiple ways to join Rubik cubes or puzzles together, the design of the logo emphasizes that there are indeed many possible ways to reconfigure the bits and pieces of SD by adding a personal touch and customized approach to sustainability.

Furthermore, the logo is supported by a strong and dynamic visual concept. The DECODE Sustainability project aims to showcase diversity (i.e. the diversity of tasks and approaches in sustainability) by using squares in different sizes and different colors. The squares floating around are chosen to represent activity. The overlapping squares are used to highlight the combination potential of dissected sustainability elements. In terms of colors, bright colors are chosen to represent dynamic activity. The dominating shades of purple-red are used to give a sense of “urgency” as sustainability should be regarded as an important aspect that needs to be vigorously integrated and implemented in HEIs.

The new logo and visual identity have brought more enthusiasm and energy into the project. ACEEU and all DECODE partners are looking forward to further developing the project and achieving the project’s goals.

Read the information about the project in detail HERE.

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