09. April 2021

DECODE Sustainability Calling for Experts to Join the DECODE Deans’ Interview

To accomplish DECODE’s primary goal of institutionalizing Sustainable Development at the academic unit level (faculties, schools, departments), the project puts deans and others who are responsible for driving sustainable development at the management level of academic units in the focus. As one of the strategies used to dissect the complex tasks of SD integration in HEIs academic units, the DECODE project would like to invite European deans or vice-deans to share their knowledge, experience, and insights through DECODE Deans' Interview.

Interview Details:

- Target Group: Deans, Vice-Deans, People responsible for driving sustainable development at the management level of academic units
- Where/ When: Online via Microsoft Teams/ in April (depending on your availability)
- Duration: 30 - 45 minutes
- Language: English

Key Questions of the Interview:
- What is your role as a dean in driving sustainability initiatives in your academic unit?
- What are the critical success factors, major obstacles, and future priorities for sustainable developments?
- Which focus, benefits, and features does the soon to be founded “European Deans Council for Sustainable Development need to provide for you to join?

If you belong to the target group and find the opportunity interesting, please get in touch with ACEEU’s project officer in charge, Aventia Wilona, M.A. (wilona@aceeu.org)

For more information about the project, please explore our website: DECODE-COUNCIL

Together we can create pathways and specific steps to promote positive changes in and through universities!

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