22. June 2021

Representing Commitments to the Goals and Values of the Project via Visual Identity

As the dissemination and exploitation manager of the MyDigiCoop project, ACEEU was responsible for creating the project’s brand through a logo and visual representation. The development of the visual identity was taken seriously by ACEEU as the logo and other supporting visual elements aimed to project a visual narrative of the core values, the objectives as well as the people behind the project.

Significant thoughts, efforts, and resources were given by ACEEU in the process, including the integration of partners' interpretations of the project as well as the journey they envision for the partnership itself. The shape chosen for the logo represents the idea of SOCIAL COOPERATION as an abstract illustration of the bond created between partners and participants who share a common platform where they can share knowledge and experiences. The combined elements are read together as a single shape that has a modern and ‘digital’ look. These ideas are in line with the overarching goal of the project which is to promote social-cooperative entrepreneurship in Higher Education through the creation of innovative online tools and competencies.

Additionally, through the chosen soft tone yet vibrant color palette, MyDigiCoop aims to project the idea of renewal, growth, and inspiration which represent the positive impacts partners wish the project will bring in the development of higher education and society.

ACEEU and the rest of MyDigiCoop's partners are jubilant over the newly designed logo.

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