25. June 2021

MyDigiCoop Website is Now LIVE!

After a month of work, ACEEU is delighted to officially announce the launch of the MyDigiCoop website!

The main goal in launching the website is to provide Higher Education professionals, interested stakeholders, and attentive individuals with an intuitive and user-friendly experience that informatively states who we are (MyDigiCoop as a partnership project), what we stand for, and what we can achieve to foster social-cooperative entrepreneurship within and through Higher Education. Additionally, the website is meant to give an alternative communication outlet for the public to express their interest and address the questions, besides the available social media channels.

All MyDigiCoop partners will take turns updating the content of the website with recent news highlighting the project as well as helpful information and articles related to the topic of social-cooperative entrepreneurship. ACEEU is truly excited to see how the website can be further developed to ensure that it achieves its goals.

Visit the website and learn more about the project by clicking HERE .

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