07. July 2021

The launch of WeRin project website

ACEEU and the WeRin project partners are proud to announce the launch of the newly developed WeRin website.

The WeRin website aims to communicate the essence of the project effectively and innovatively. Therefore, the website contains a user-friendly and attractive interface that integrates different multimedia formats, such as infographics, videos, and presentations, to create a dynamic self-learning environment for all visitors.

Among other things, the website will comprise the publication of articles on the project's main results, the content, and promotion of the and events of the project. All partners will contribute to the development and updating of the blog and news section of the project website, highlighting the progress of the blog and news section of the project website, highlighting project developments in their region.

Undoubtedly, the website development will contribute significantly to WeRin's social media promotion efforts, as the website has a built-in live Twitter feed to keep visitors up to date and share the latest project developments.

In addition, the project website will be regularly updated by Momentum to keep visitors engaged, highlighting recent news in the project area from global and European sources.

We invite you to continue exploring and learning more about this project that seeks to improve the inclusivity of entrepreneurship education and support programs to increase the proportion of women entrepreneurs graduating, and improve their level of insertion in regional entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe. Are you in? Visit https://werinproject.eu/ .

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