10. September 2021

Kicking-off RiEcoLab

ACEEU is really excited to announce that the official kick-off for the RiEcoLab project took place today!

During the meeting that, sadly, still had to take place online, the partners discussed all the ins and outs of this new innovative Horizon Europe project. Since its first phase is due to end by January, all the partners agreed to collaborate in a prompt, efficient manner. As a contributing partner, ACEEU will add its expertise through advice and validation of the partners’ efforts to develop training toolkits for universities. It will get involved in the dissemination activities at a later stage of the project.

RiEcoLab aims to innovate the way universities use and think about R&D. ACEEU is thrilled to be able to contribute to this exciting goal.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months, since this project is set to move forward quickly!

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