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08. November 2021

WeRin 1st International Think Tank

On October 18th and 19th, 2021, ACEEU and the WeRin project partners participated in an outstanding International Think Tank event held in a hybrid format at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Organization and Informatics-Foi), Varazdin, Croatia.

The International Think Tank enabled all the project partners to brainstorm insightful & exciting forward-thinking solutions to increase the inclusiveness of women entrepreneurs in the diverse ecosystems.

The event started with the introduction of the International Think Tank, followed by a presentation of the previous work on the regional scans accomplished by every project partner. This was the base for a SWOT Analysis of each region emphasizing the current state of the development and support of women entrepreneurship.

These presentations were essential for socializing the learnings from the scanning undertaken in every region and helped shape the success of the International Think Tank Workshop.

Additionally, the interactive workshops developed throughout the event allowed mapping and establishing the main problems that graduate women entrepreneurs face in education and in their ecosystems. It also opened the discussion on what the ideal world for women entrepreneurship and gender inclusivity should look like. The think tank allowed conceptualizing solutions to make entrepreneurship education and support programs more inclusive for women.

Without a doubt, the International Think Tank has been a very insightful event. As a result, all the project partners had the opportunity to exchange ideas, strengthen relationships with the project partners, and, above all, have the chance to challenge their selves to think about what is needed to foster an ecosystem for women's entrepreneurship and inclusion.

We invite you to learn more about this project that seeks to improve the inclusivity of entrepreneurship education and support programs to increase the proportion of graduate women entrepreneurs and improve their level of insertion in regional entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe. Are you in? Visit Werin website.

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