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Hi, I am Aventia

Pleasure meeting you!

Aventia Wilona

EU Projects Coordinator
Responsibilities at ACEEU:
As an EU Projects Coordinator, I lead the project team in the execution process of the Erasmus+ projects at ACEEU. I also actively contribute to the continuous improvement and optimization of other processes of ACEEU project unit including acquisitions of new projects.
M.A. National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, Language (Germany)

B. Ed. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Indonesia)

At ACEEU since:
"I am a former English teacher and a forever early childhood education enthusiast. Teaching has always been my calling and my professional experiences have led me to develop a deep passion for learning.

Joining ACEEU back in 2021, I had the goals to further improve my research and critical thinking skills and interpersonal competence. Little did I know that I have gained a lot more than that and have now set my heart to pursue a long-term career in higher education, advance education and make it more inclusive and accessible to anyone!"
About me

Three things to know about me

Once a Fulbrighter, always a Fulbrighter!

I am a Fullbright’s Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, a fully-funded scholarship for undergraduate level students sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, alumna. I completed my program at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in 2010.

I was once an early childhood educator

Before coming to Germany to obtain my master’s degree, I worked as an early childhood teacher for an international preschool in my hometown, Surabaya, for almost 4 years. Some might say that teaching little minds is relatively easy however for me it was one of the hardest (yet fulfilling) jobs I have had.

The master of Code-switching

I speak 3 languages and 1 dialect. My fuddled brain often encourages me to speak German using the English grammar and throws Indonesian words in Surabayan dialect here and there.
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My international projects

What keeps me busy at ACEEU

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