October 14, 2021 | 15:00 to 18:00 (CET)

Entrepreneurial University Transformation Workshop: Vision, Culture and Support Structures

In this 3-hour online workshop you will explore three crucial elements of entrepreneurial university transformation:

(1) creating their own view of what it means to be an entrepreneurial university,

(2) developing an entrepreneurship culture,

(3) creating appropriate entrepreneurship support services.

Guided through short input presentations, the workshop will enable you to reflect on your own institution, and you will engage in small group discussions about challenges, approaches and best practices. By using different online tools (such as visual collaboration tool MURAL) we foster interaction, and capture ideas and insights to ensure that you have a clear workshop outcome to take home.

The workshop has been designed for those interested and involved in advancing their own institution’s entrepreneurial strategy and operations, including, but not limited to:

- University leaders (university presidents, rectors, vice-presidents, vice-rectors)
- Leaders of academic units (deans, heads of department) who want to transform their faculty, school or department
- Entrepreneurship leaders and professionals (directors of entrepreneurship centres, heads of TTO)
- Strategic advisors to university leadership

The workshop will be facilitated by Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of the ACEEU.

A maximum of 15 spots are available for this workshop. Register now for free to secure your spot.

The event takes place at:

06:00 Los Angeles time
08:00 Mexico City time
09:00 New York time
10:00 Sao Paulo time
14:00 London time
15:00 Berlin time
17:00 Dubai time
18:30 Delhi time
21:00 Beijing time
00:00 Sydney time