November 11, 2021 | 16:00 to 16:45 (CET)

Strategic Consulting and Linkage Project Collaboration for University-Industry: Latin American example

The Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City), developed a new General Department of Outreach and Collaboration in 2015. The purpose was to create in area in which the departments that consist of this area facilitate fruitful collaborations for the university departments with private enterprise, social & governmental entities. One of these departments consist of Ibero Strategic Consultants (ICE) which focuses on consultancy and linkage projects for the departments with private industry. Since its inception, the area has facilitated university-industry collaborations through Mexico & internationally. As well, ICE utilizes its expansive Jesuit network to expand collaborations throughout Mexico which are in some of the most important cities in the country.

The webinar will be hosted by Devin Hauer, Director of Ibero Strategic Consultants at the University Iberoamericana (IBERO) in Mexico City. Devin, Head of the Ibero Consultancy Department, received an international education from Oxford Brookes University (MBA, BSc Economics & International Relations). His professional working career has predominately been in Mexico City working in various consultancy roles and practices (10 EQS, Deloitte, REDD Intelligence, Ibero Strategic Consultants). He has been an active council member with the ACEEU and affiliated for several years with the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City. Lastly, he helped facilitate for Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City, the first ever University-National Camera of Consultants agreement between the two entities in Mexico, which focuses on mutual strategic partnership themes annually.

The event takes place at:

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10:00 New York time
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