04. January 2022

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid receives ACEEU's Dual University Accreditation in Entrepreneurship and Engagement

The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) has awarded the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), in Spain, the dual accreditation both as an Entrepreneurial University and as an Engaged University. The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is the first European university to achieve ACEEU dual accreditation, showing the institution`s commitment to excellence in multiple aspects of the third mission. This is also the second institution in the world to achieve such dual recognition by ACEEU.

"On behalf of the entire Council, I congratulate the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid for its outstanding achievement being accredited both as an Entrepreneurial University and as an Engaged University. Having served on the Accreditation Committee I was positively impressed by how the university was able to include engagement in its mission and values, permeating all areas of the organisation and a clear desire for continuous improvement in its engagement activities.” - says Lina Landinez, Chair of the Accreditation Committee responsible for UC3M`s accreditation.

UC3M was founded in 1989, and it has been intended as a relatively small, innovative, and public university with the mission is to contribute to the improvement of society. UC3M was a pioneer in entrepreneurial activities and knowledge transfer in joining the Leganés Tecnológico Science and Technology Park, in the year 2000.

To receive this accreditation, the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid succeeded in presenting evidence of their achievements in the 15 standards of ACEEU accreditation for entrepreneurship as well as in the 15 standards of ACEEU accreditation for engagement. UC3M was very successful in both accreditations, receiving the classification of “excellent” for several standards. It was particularly well evaluated for its engagement activities, having been considered excellent in 7 of the 15 standards evaluated.

“We are deeply honored to receive these awards that we share with our Community, internal and external, for its commitment to hoisting the flag of the SDGs to shape a better world,” says professor Mª Luisa González-Cuéllar Serrano, vice-rector for Institutional Relations and Sustainable Development

“Knowledge should bring new and better opportunities for everyone. Responsible research, innovation, and entrepreneurship are core drivers at UC3M of which we are very proud. With these accreditations, the motivation is even stronger” says professor Juan José Vaquero López, vice-rector for Scientific Policy

The university went through a four-phase process, including a self-evaluation and peer visit, before the Accreditation Council awarded UC3M the Entrepreneurial and Engaged university status. The university was reviewed by Paul Coyle, María del Mar Fuentes-Fuentes, and Rosa María Batista Canino during the Peer Review Visit, and the accreditation was conducted by Lina Landinez, Cameron McCoy, and David Brukardt, who took part as the Accreditation Committee.

“Our goal at ACEEU is to challenge the status quo in higher education and advocate for putting a stronger emphasis on the so-called third mission of universities to make universities engines for societal and economic development. UC3M is making an important contribution to that change and putting Engagement and Entrepreneurship as pillars of its mission and activities” says Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of the ACEEU Council.