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13. July 2022

The ACEEU Toolkit Workshop in Florence: Tools for Advancing the Third Mission of Higher Education

Last June 28, ACEEU developed the ACEEU Toolkit Workshop, a space to put into use the tools for supporting the entrepreneurial and engaged pathway of universities.

The ACEEU Toolkit Workshop was a two hours session introducing the latest discussions on the third mission of higher education and presenting the tools that ACEEU has designed to support universities. Thorsten Kliewe, Olimpia Fumo and Hugo Buitrago engaged in a fruitful discussion with higher education leaders, managers, educators, and practitioners to reflect on how to introduce strategic changes in higher education in order to deliver a wide range of societal contributions and to become an influential stakeholder within the regional ecosystem.

The participants focused on the Entrepreneurial University Canvas, a tool based on ACEEU framework for accrediting entrepreneurial universities. This canvas introduces a deep analysis of the higher education institutions and their interaction with the regional ecosystem by reviewing five comprehensive organizational dimensions (Orientation & Strategy; People & Organisational Capacity; Drivers & Enablers; Education, Research & Third Mission Activities; and Innovation & Impact). The Entrepreneurial University Canvas was supported by the Entrepreneurial University Cards. These cards consist of 15 pieces presenting the 15 ACEEU accreditation standards.

To close the session, the participants presented the work they did defining the dimensions of the Entrepreneurial University Canvas and the challenges they face in their institutions to embed an entrepreneurial perspective. All of them agreed on the importance of using these tools as mechanisms to define, plan, envision, and introduce changes to orient the strategy of the higher education institutions.

To explore the ACEEU Toolkit, with all the instruments to develop more entrepreneurial and engaged universities, visit: https://toolkit.aceeu.org/