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27. July 2022

ACEEU helps in building new generation of Cyber Security Experts

ACEEU is delighted to announce that it won a large-scale Horizon Europe project from the DIGITAL EUROPE track.

The project ititled "Collaborative, Multi-modal and Agile Professional Cybersecurity Training Program for A Skilled Workforce In the European Digital Single Market and Industries" or CyberSecPro in short aims to bring in novel principles in cyber security and create robust training for the new generation of cyber security experts. Under the leadership of German university Goethe University Frankfurt, the consortium gathers a league of experienced universities, companies and societal organisations specialising in cyber security principles, skill acquisition and training services.

CyberSecPro aims to upskill and develop a workforce capable of overcoming the increasing security challenges that will burden innovation and excellence. CyberSecPro will drive the HEIs to further enhance their cooperation with the private sector, in order to become the main suppliers of the necessary market-oriented cybersecurity skills and working-life practices required in the digital transformation, via providing hands-on trainings.

ACEEU will be responsible for the development of the Quality Plan of the project, the monitoring of the implementation of the quality procedures along the project duration, the review of the project deliverables and the initiation of actions, reporting to the project manager, when needed and the coordination of the projects dissemination activities.

Apart from the Goethe University Frankfurt, the project includes universities such as TU Delft, University of Malaga, TalTech, Institut Mines-Télécom, University NOVA Lisbon and many more. Explore other partners here.