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19. December 2022

Accreditation 2022: A Year to Remember

ACEEU fosters Third Mission in Higher Education one Accreditation at the time

Getting accredited with ACEEU is not only an achievement for your higher education institution, but it is a journey aiming at its development: following ACEEU 15 standards, our Accreditation Council composed by 40+ experts in higher education accompanies higher education institutions in a journey of improvement and recognition.

In view of the new year, we want to celebrate the accredited institution of 2022: Universitat Carlos III Madrid (Spain), which was accredited as an entrepreneurial and engaged university,
Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), accredited as an engaged university and University of Turku (Finland), which was accredited as an entrepreneurial university. Additionally, at the 2022 Triple E Awards, held in Florence (Italy), the 2022 accredited institutions as well as the School of Engineering of Jönköping university (Sweden), accredited in 2021 as an engaged university, received the official ACEEU Accreditation plaques.

In 2022, ACEEU led three peer review visits. Two of them were conducted in Poland at Gedansk University of Technology and at Posnan University of Medical Science. The third one was performed in Hungary at the University of Szeged. The three universities are currently in the Accreditation process together with 26 other institutions.

Finally, in 2022 ACEEU welcomed in its community of change-makers universities the Central University of Technology (CUT) and the Western Cape University (UWC), both from from South Africa. We are proud to bring the Third Mission of universities under the spotlight and to supporting universities to bring a cultural, social and economic impact in their ecosystems one accreditation at the time.
With 29 ongoing accreditations and 58 eligibility applications received, ACEEU is ready to jump in the new year. Are you?

Next deadline to apply to ACEEU Accreditation is January 15th 2022.