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18. January 2023

Title: Moving on.. Without forgetting the past

A 2-day Pilot University Staff Workshop, as part of the learning, teaching, and training activity of the MOOW CODE project was organized and hosted by ACEEU from 7th-8th December 2022 in Münster, Germany.

Sixteen participants of the workshop were representatives of academic units whose research and education work is related to the MOOW (Massive Open Online Week) topic and will be involved in the organization and implementation of a first Pilot MOOW 1, which will take place in project partner institutions including the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), Riga Technical university (Latvia) and University of Naples Federico II (Italy).

During the workshop, representatives of academic units from all three institutions engaged in a MOOW Design activity using the MOOW Design Canvas to strategically generate creative, innovative and useful ideas on how to shape their MOOW events in their respective institutions. The main aspects discussed were in terms of the topic of the core student target group, desired learning outcomes, time allocation for the MOOW week, student assessment requirements and content among others.

In addition to this, considering the diversity and expertise of participants, the workshop was enriched with a session about ageism and with presentations from ACEEU Dr. Thorsten Kliewe.