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15. February 2023

ACEEU embarks on new areas of work with  CyberSec, Nudging 360, NutriWell projects

ACEEU´s commitment to Innovation is education through entrepreneurship and community-engagement is what drives us in choosing impactful projects.
2023 marks the beginning of two new Erasmus+ projects, Nudging 360° and NutriWell, and one new Horizon-funded project CyberSecPro and ACEEU's teams is excited to take part to valuable consortiums which will commit to achieve great results.

The projects are for ACEEU a valuable opportunity to explore and work on different new areas such as on cyber-security, nutrition and well-being, and digitalisation in the 21st century and on top of this, to develop new areas of work for the development of long-lasting and impactful results. In January our representatives travelled to Belgium and Spain to meet our new project partners, to discuss the first steps of these innovative and forward-looking projects and to contribute to set the approach to achieve the greatest impact.

We are excited to embark on these journeys and to take you on board with us. Stay tuned!