24. October 2018

ACEEU trains Latin American higher education professionals

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU, contributed a module on "Entrepreneurial Universities" to the RIESAL online course offered to Latin American higher education professionals. Overall, more than 400 professionals registered to the second version of this course.

The learning module is based on the ACEEU accreditation standards and provides participants with an opportunity to explore the concept of an entrepreneurial university by exploring the newly developed toolkit. Participants are briefly introduced to the 5 toolkit instruments and how they can be used to strategically develop the entrepreneurial profile of their institution.

"For ACEEU, this was the first time that we engaged in an online learning course, especially from an internationalisation perspective", says Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe.

"In the future we will continue bringing our concepts and tools into educational programmes, not only for higher education professionals but also for students in higher education. It is key to prepare the future leader to manage 3rd generation universities and ACEEU is committed to contribute to the development of these future leaders", Professor Kliewe adds.

If you are interested in integrating ACEEU tools as part of your curriculum, please contact Prof. Kliewe and explore the Toolkit at https://toolkit.aceeu.org/

To learn more about the course offered, please click here