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21. June 2018

ACEEU validates newly developed toolkit in UIIN conference, London

In two workshops, hosted in London during the 2018 University Industry Interaction Conference, more than 30 participants were able to explore the first version of the Entrepreneurial University canvas and cards. The two instruments that have been developed over the past month's are part of Entrepreneurial University Toolkit for higher education professionals to support the analysis and development of the entrepreneurial profile of a university.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU, stated "With the tools we are making a major step forward. In the past, people have spend an unnecessary long time to discuss terminology. Now they just want to start using the tools and design their future university".

Dr. Lina Landinez, co-host of the workshop, added "We are very pleased by the positive feedback we got from the participants. The instruments seem easy to use and nearly self-explanatory. Exactly what we aimed for".

The complete toolkit will be launched in December 2018.