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01. July 2019

Director of Ibero Strategic Consultants at the University Iberoamericana in Mexico City joins the Council

ACEEU is very pleased to announce that Devin Hauer from University Iberoamericana in Mexico City joins the Council as member.

Devin Hauer is the Director of Ibero Consultores Estratégicos, (Ibero Strategic Consultants), at the University Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He holds an MBA and BA in Economics and International Relations from Oxford Brookes University. His work experience includes economic development and community projects for both chambers of commerce and political parties, operations management and consulting in the hotel industry and energy sector, and international consultancy engagement with firms such as REDD Intelligence and Deloitte.

As Director of Ibero Consultores Estratégicos, Devin is responsable for the administrative management and successful execution of departmental collaborations with private industry and government in both Mexico and international projects. Additionally, his department is in charge of the commercialization and marketing of the university departments services that can be provided for external entities. Since 2015, Ibero Consultores Estratégicos has successfully ensured collaborative projects for the majority of the university departments and have engaged with entities such as The United Nations, The National Institute for Education Evaluation in Mexico, Mini Cooper, and Helvex, for example. Additionally, Devin participates in a program at the University Iberoamericana called MiPymes, which consults entrepreneurs and small enterprises in different phases of their business cycle.

Devin is an active member in the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City as well as a member of the National Chamber of Consulting Firms (CNEC).

ACEEU welcomes Devin Hauer to the Council.

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