20. June 2019

More than 400 delegates from 55+ countries celebrate the latest four ACEEU-accredited institutions

More than 400 participants from 55+ countries attended this year’s ACEEU Accreditation Award Ceremony that was held in Helsinki, Finland as part of the 2019 UIIN Annual Conference. Moderated by ACEEU Chair Professor Thorsten Kliewe, awards were presented to the following institutions:

  • EAN University, Colombia
    Entrepreneurial University Accreditation (first ACEEU-accredited institution in Latin America)
  • Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
    Engaged University Accreditation (first ACEEU-accredited Engaged University in Europe)
  • Management and Science University, Malaysia
    Entrepreneurial University Accreditation (first ACEEU-accredited university in Asia)
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
    Entrepreneurial University Accreditation (first ACEEU-accredited Entrepreneurial University in Europe)

Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU, concluded „The ceremony provided the perfect setting to celebrate the great achievements of the four newly accredited institutions. While universities value ACEEU accreditation very much for its ability to promote change and support organisational development, celebrating achievements and getting recognised for them is certainly another main driver“.

The four awarded institutions join the University of Adelaide which has been awarded ACEEU Dual Accreditation (Entrepreneurial and Engaged University Accreditation) as the first institution worldwide.

„It is great to see that ACEEU is gaining more and more recognition and that a community is built around the topic, by institution that lead the way. We are looking forward to more institutions joining the ACEEU community and contributing to the development of entrepreneurial and engaged universities. “