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18. June 2019

European ACEEU Seminar attracted more than 40 participants from 20+ countries

Using the ACEEU Toolkit as the framework, more than 40 participants explored the concept of the entrepreneurial university by designing their „dream university“. In the workshop, five groups of 9 participants were challenged to showcase how „their university“ would address challenges such as designing an entrepreneurial culture, measuring the success of an entrepreneurial, developing the competences of staff, or setting up the right support system for academic and student entrepreneurs to successfully master the entrepreneurial journey.

„The Toolkit, and especially the Entrepreneurial University Canvas and the Cards, are well recognised by participants as a useful instrument for developing more entrepreneurial universities“, stated Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of ACEEU. „The workshops are also a perfect way for us to learn more about the needs and wants of institutions that would like to develop their entrepreneurial profile and the feedback we receive is crucial for the future development of the Toolkit“, Kliewe acknowledges.

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