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06. August 2020

ACEEU contributes to newly selected Erasmus+ projects

As the results for Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education and Knowledge Alliance projects rolled in, it has unfolded that ACEEU will be contributing to 3 projects from these two calls of action.

Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (WeRIn) is an ambitious Knowledge Alliance project focusing on creating and nourishing a supportive ecosystem for development of female entrepreneurs in different regions in Europe. It seeks to enhance inclusivity of entrepreneurship education and support programmes with the intent to increase the share of female graduate entrepreneurs and enhance their level of embeddedness in regional entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe.

University to Society Innomediaries in Albania: Co-Production of knowledge and research that matters (U-SIA) is a Capacity Building project aimed at enhancing an enabling higher education environment that supports university to society collaborations in order to co-produce knowledge and research with impact that is not only academically insightful, but also applicable to the development of Albania.

Forests, climate change mitigation and adaptation: Higher Education Cooperation in Mekong region (FRAME) is another capacity building project, focusing on the development in South-east Asia, that is Mekong region. It aims at strengthening the forest-related higher education system in Laos and Thailand, specifically in relation to climate change mitigation (forest restoration) and rural livelihoods.

The role of ACEEU in these projects relates to supporting quality assurance efforts, evaluation, impact and dissemination processes.