28. November 2020

ACEEU takes a quality assurance role in a European student mentor project

ACEEU will provide quality assurance oversight for the Mentor My Future program, sponsored under the auspices of the Erasmus+ Programme. University students with their skills, knowledge, experiences and enthusiasm can effectively serve as role models and mentors for young people in less privileged socio-economic groups and especially for those who aspire to expand their educational pathways. To this end, the project will develop a common methodology and tools to nourish student mentors and train HEI staff as a key outcome. An important goal of the project is to help universities integrate student mentoring into their curricula across a range of academic disciplines. Supporting these key objectives, student mentoring Impact Days will be held to promote the concept within European universities and among policy-makers and stakeholders. Project activities will be carried out by the consortium partners in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

For the kick-off of the project, ACEEU developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan comprising about 200 quality indicators for major activities and outputs. Quality assurance measures will include external evaluations, peer reviews, participant feedback surveys, and structured monitoring of student learning progress. ACEEU will also support the consortium partners in setting up internal quality control mechanisms.